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Feb 18, - They'd use the paddle when other punishments (detention, ISS, etc) didn't work. Supposedly for a first paddling offense it was two swats for girls, three for boys, and then five swats for any repeat offender in any given year. The only things they paddled for without warnings were if you got caught smoking. A Very True Spanking Story - NonConsent/Reluctance - Ambre. Age: 20. From Vegas to Houston I want you to want me to satisfy your fantasy with an authentic island girl! Well here she is! 4'11"/ 160 lbs of pure Caribbean blends of kinky fun I have no "first hand" knowledge of the headmaster caning girls. I'm tickled and turn flirty when guys look at my rear and think it's cute, but I am mortified to have my principal studying my bottom. Apr 19, - Hey, you don't mean.?” “A paddling? Yes, that is what I was thinking, Jennifer. You're bound to get offered them. Of course, you don't have to take up the offer.” “In ? They still spank eighteen year old students? You're kidding me, right?” “Er, no. But like I say, you don't need to take that option. Okay?”. Carmel. Age: 18. Hello Gentlemen, I am in Paris close to the Musee d'Orsay, offering a sweet and discreet companion for refined gentlemen Discipline for Rebeccca Maybe they won't paddle me. I was just passing notes. Yeah I've gotten caught before, but it was just a note nothing bad on it. They paddle girls for fighting and cussing and things like that. Ok. Maybe it won't be the paddle. I can write wouldn't be so bad. Or maybe even is my first time, so maybe it. Sep 16, - I was squirming and trying to take my spanking like a big girl, because I wanted to try and show my Daddy he didn't need to use spankings on me anymore, but as I was doing this, it made me not realize I was just asked a question and that upset my Dad and made him concentrate the next few hard swats to.

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Mimi. Age: 23. Hi dear Paddling was not a subject much discussed by anyone at school, maybe out of embarrassment, but some who had found themselves on the receiving .. Like most female-spanking stories, an elder statesman or woman always manages to emphasise the correctness of the punishment, and usually near the. Sep 7, - I always think that a witness adds a little something extra to a spanking and more so if it's a relation like a brother or sister. I think either can have a humbling effect. Hugs, Ash. September 9, at PM. Anonymous said Excellent story. The opportunity to paddle grown senior girls is abviously what. It was far cheaper than a spanking paddle would have been, but looked just as effective. This is a story about that spoon and a girl who knows what she wants. Go to your room and pull down your panties! Adult sexual spanking (September ). I've always loved the sound of the sentence "Go to your room and pull down.


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