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A sexual position, involving a minimum of 5 people (4 of which are men), where each man chooses an eye or ear. Then they ejaculate in each eye and ear, causing the semen recipient be deaf, blind, "dumb", and covered in semen. Just like Helen Keller. Fav sex positions - heimkino-shop.info Forums Joey. Age: 22. When Was the Last Time Something or Someone Exceeded Your Expectations? I know it wont change anything, but every time i here this crappy song and think of how many people in my home town are so proud that somebody from there made it big to write songs like that lost my taste for that place. Their disparaging sound is certain to fade in a very short span of time. Hellen Kellersex. The act of giving a dirty blowjob, but not seeing the cock or hearing the loud squirts at all. Its quick, but enjoyable. Reggie: How was the Hellen Keller? Matt: It felt like I was going blind. #blind#penis#cock#gayporn#shittles. by Wiggies March 07, 21 4. Get the mug. Get a Hellen Keller mug for your. Chastity. Age: 18. 7 AM-2AM Do the Helen Keller and Talk with Your Hips! During the course of oral sex, ejaculate into the young ladies eye causing her vision to be impared, then smack her in both ears immediatly after causing her to briefly loose her hearing, and causing the sound of ringing in her ears. This will cause the illusion of the historical figure Helen keller who was Blind and Def. To put your fingers in a person's ears as they jack you off into their own eyes.

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Naughty. Age: 26. Easy going When one takes food off of another personĀ“s plate without permission. Also known as to pull a Helen Keller. Jul 14, - The theory that if you build a Time Machine with a couple of friends and go back to the year and make a sex tape with Helen Keller, you could sell it in the present day for loads of money. Fav sex positions. I will start, The Helen Keller. Its when you blow your l**d in the girl's eyes, then quickly clap both her ears. The best way is to do this maneuver is while you are seated.


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