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Dec 21, - Title: Sexual Healing. Author: Amethyst Crow. Rating: M. Characters: Padmé and Anakin. Timeline: Around Episode II. Feedback: Yes! Disclaimer: Star wars, Padmé and Anakin all belong to The Flannelled One. No infringement is intended. This is only for fun! It's M for Mature folks, so don't read it if you are. Sex Wars Chapter 6: Padme x Anakin, a star wars fanfic | FanFiction Pamela. Age: 20. Charlotte of Vegas Independent Escort- It had taken all his might not to comment on one she had had during their trip to Naboo. Are you all right? Dec 21, - Title: Picnic. Author: Amethyst Crow. Rating: M. Date: 12/30/ Characters: Anakin and Padmé, Episode II timeframe. Disclaimer: Not mine. Belongs to the great Flannelled One. I just use these two rabbits for my own purpose. "M" means Mature themes, folks! Senator Padmé Amidala was happy for this. Nelly. Age: 22. Hi LOVERS:) The Wedding of Anakin and Padme Apr 1, - For a moment, all that existed in her universe was where and how to get some sex. She blinked as she tried to clear her thoughts. Where was her husband? He would give her sex. Padmé sat up and looked around. She let out a small squeak of delight when she saw Anakin lying next to her. The fact that he. Title: An Anakin/Padme Vignette Author: pensfan Rating: Probably NC Summary:Anakin and Padme continue their clandestine relationship. Disclaimer:This is entirely fiction. It is in no way related to any of George Lucas' original storylines. All original characters belong to him! I'm just playing with 'what if' scenarios.

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Sasha. Age: 19. Do you wish a lot of fantasies, to be comprised of orgasms, pleasure and sexual satisfaction? Contact us and we guarantee your fantasies. We are ready for travel all over the world, to satisfy your pleasure needs. We are a beautiful couple, open mind, clean, discreet, sensual and experienced. We welcome and accept single gentleman or couple to have a wonderful time together (threesome, foursome). We also want sincerity and seriousness. We are available in algarve, europe, worldwide and also, we can accompany your vacation! With us, your dreams come true. Anakin's jealousy, his wild accusations; his thought processes and eventual actions were very believable even his lack of remorse at having forced Padme's hand to claim her was totally within his character, in my opinion. The darkness inherent in him is so well fleshed out. Obsessive love is what this portrays and it's. Aggressive sex, obsession, mental manipulation, coercion, angst, romance. Revenge of the Sith speculation. () Located: Star Wars (All) > General Content Tags: COMPLETE Posted: -: Edited: -: (31)Read Reviews -: Dragon Prints: ; Succumb A darker take on Anakin & Padme's. Padme believed there was no hope for her and Anakin, when he turned his back on her and became a follower of the Dark Side. When he recants and comes back into.


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