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But I've been suffering with skin issues for years, and I've been using aloe vera (from the plant) for my face. How to Treat Ingrown Hair Scars | Kennedy. Age: 29. I am a young energetic sexy latina with long legs and a perfect body Instead, you should aim for natural and healthy ingredients that will lighten the skin without harming your body, such as licorice root extract. We're going over the topic of what you should do or how to treat areas of the skin damaged from shaving. Kiara. Age: 18. Hi, I'm Milena Ingrown Hair Scars on Legs, Pubic & Face: Treatments & Remedies to Fade/Remove Jump to How to get rid them on the face, Legs, stomach & bikini area - No one wants to have scars anywhere on their body including irrespective of what causes them. They can lower someone's self-esteem and be embarrassing. Imagine who you would feel if you have them in pubic or bikini area and you are  ‎Where can you get them · ‎Are these scars and dark. Jan 29, - The dark marks are all over my vagina and also on my bikini lines from shaving. Please help me, how can I get rid of these marks and is it possible to exfoliate that area and if it is possible how can I exfoliate it, And can you please give me a solution that does not have to do with using bleaching creams.

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Remy. Age: 24. Hi Guys! Sep 21, - So ladies, how many times have you shaved only to find that you have unsightly razor bumps and scars down there? The bumps hurt, you're worried that it'll look like you have some sort of STD, and it's just uncomfortable to know that your area isn't in tip top shape. Well for starters remember these few. Aug 10, - How to Get Rid of Ingrown Hair Scars. Ingrown hairs can leave behind some severe looking scars, which may cause some people to feel self-conscious. Although the appearance of most scars will improve over time, there are several things that. Dec 5, - Back then I used to pick at my ingrown hairs and as a result, it has left me with dark spots/scars on my bikini line. These scars have NEVER faded–they've been present since I started shaving that area. Over the years I have tried everything: shaving, waxing, sugaring, Nair, laser hair removal (by the way.


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